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Description of the Book:


We hold strong feelings for someone who has broken our hearts. Even if we don’t admit it, we think about them day and night and create hypothetical scenarios. Our minds linger in the memories of the past and the present, making the wound afresh. It becomes our habit to dwell on the past. Sometimes, the feelings of anger and pain become so hard that we imagine a time when everything will be alright and we will no longer feel the pain. That day we will finally move on and become the happy us again. 'One Day' is a poetry collection of those delicate feelings and deep thoughts.

One Day...

SKU: 9789360948269
  • Author's Name: Sapna Sadhwani

    About the Author: Sapna Sadhwani was born in 1999 in Rajasthan. Words always fascinate her, and from the age of eleven, she has loved to express her feelings with a pen. Besides writing poetry, Sapna started exchanging letters with her best friend because they never got enough time for gossip in school, which increased her fondness for words. From then on, she looks for an excuse to have some 'me-time' to write down her thoughts. 'Writing' gives her confidence, which nothing else does. She completed her masters in English Literature in 2023. A dream that twinkled in her eyes when she was just a child has finally come true with her debut book, 'Autumn Foliage.' and she would love to spend the rest of her life being a writer and engrossing herself in finding poetry and stories in everyday life. You can connect with her on Instagram @ink.of.sapna
    Book ISBN: 9789360948269
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