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Description of the Book:


Do you often get hit by your train of thought? Thoughts that wonder why the World is the way it is, questioning the most obvious "normal" things. Well, maybe you are blessed. Because thoughts are what makes us human. So even after the world keeps saying "don't think so much", you keep finding food for your thoughts. This book is for you, then. It has thoughts marinated in metaphors, served as poems. Twenty poems, each on a different aspect of your life which will make you think deeper about it. Let the bittersweet juice of words drip through the valleys of your mind and settle in your thoughts. Embrace them and let them grow on you. Read it, feel it and then maybe write it down for the world to change, or for you to feel the change. Because as Colin Wilson said, "Imagination should be used not to escape reality but to create it."

One and a Half Paper Hearts

  • Author's Name: Snigdha Debnath
    About the Author: As a 22-year-old student of MBA and an aspiring author, Snigdha likes to describe herself as 'a highly aspirational mind chained with an overthinking heart.' She is a graduate of chemical engineering and loves to spend her time with nature, mostly clicking pictures or capturing words. Metaphors are her favourite jewellery and she likes to pair them up with her thoughts which generally arise from her daily life episodes. 'One and a Half Paper Hearts' is her first book and is raised out of her love for the miracles of words. She aims to change her life with one poem at a time.
    Book ISBN: 9781005316235


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