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Description of the Book:

Of Resurrection and Respite is a collection of poems and memories which do not necessarily tell a coherent story. It explores what you leave behind and what you carry with you as you navigate your life, moving from one place to another, meeting and abandoning people along the way. The fragmented memories you make are interspersed with stories, songs and moments of quiet that allow for a short breather and give you the chance to just step back a little and cherish what you are going through at this very point in time.

Of Resurrection and Respite

  • Author's Name: Jan Heinz
    About the Author: Jan Heinz was born and raised in the German countryside where the lack of interesting things to do soon got him invested in the wonders of language and storytelling , which in part is what prompted him to pursue a degree in Cognitive Science and English Literature & Linguistics. Having never been much of a prose writer himself, however, he turned to poetry instead. Although he is a native speaker of German, his language of choice tends to be English; relying on this somewhat more foreign medium seems to make it easier to put both emotions and pen to paper.
    Book ISBN: 9781005607906


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