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Description of the Book :


Life's a whole lot of moments happening. Moments that get accounted for. Moments that donot get accounted for. Some moments we cherish. Some are cringe worthy. Some make us laugh, while some make us cry. Some make us cringe as well. Here's a set of twenty poems of different moments. Of different moods. Of different lives. Of different people.

Of Rainbows and Unicorns

  • Author's Name :  Nisha Borgohain
    About the Author :  Mad Hatter meets Harley Quinn, and the author is born. In a parallel universe, the author would have gone down the rabbit hole and would have never come back, but in this Universe, she resides with her dogs peacefully. Real, unreal everything's the same to the author. Or are they?
    Book ISBN :  9781005611330
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