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Description of the book


Human beings are a powerhouse of emotions. Some of us are able to regulate them in moderation and modesty. Some of us may want to scream and shout off the rooftops, making a declaration of the intensity of what’s feeling. Among the many, love is a uniquely complex emotion, which may have the capacity to bring an exhaustive range of other emotions with it! These poems are a means of conveying that plethora, that vividly wide range. The poems try to see how love can greet someone in some way, and the way it can bid adieu too.    

Of Love and Other Things

  • Author Name: Sushreeta Sule
    About the Author: Sushreeta is a practicing psychologist and an artist. She also has co-founded a project which marries mental health and art, where artists of all kinds find a safe haven to express themselves. She has also written a column in the past for a local newspaper. She has been quoted in various articles as a Mental Health expert in magazines and websites such as Femina and Webtokri. Sushreeta has had the knack for writing, as young as 5, and has always dreamt of being a published author. And, she made that dream come true!
    Book ISBN: 9781005923129


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