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Of Dreams, Despair and Destiny" is a collection of 21 selected, very personal poems penned down by the author, mostly when she was not in a great mood and a very few when she was probably happy. Everybody dreams, while awake or asleep, with focus or unconsciously - but dreams seldom come true. Oftentimes, destiny takes over with a plan of its own. And for all those dreams left unrealized, despair seeps in slowly. But then, do we stop dreaming?

Of Dreams, Despair and Destiny

SKU: 9789358736502
  • Author's Name: Himadri Basumatary

    About the Author: Author Himadri Basumatary is a boring IT Manager by profession and a passionate dreamer, a hopeless romantic, and a self proclaimed poet by hobby. She has been scribbling her feelings since her high school days - some from experience, some pure whimsical - some for herself as a way to vent out when feelings become too overwhelming and a couple for others who used these to woo ladies (unsuccessfully). She is a believer of old school poetry with rhymes and not so much of a fan of Free verses, though she has tried that occasionally. She lives in Bangalore with her cool husband, PD, and their Golden Fur Baby "Biggy" who she loves like Khaleesi loved her Dragons.
    Book ISBN: 9789358736502
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