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Description of the Book :


Whether you’re enjoying your trip to the toilet or having a tough time, this book of poems will be sure to wet your appetite and bring a little joy to your day. From ghastly tails of bathroom mayhem to terrific stories of toilet triumph, there will always be a poem to crown the moment. All of these poems have been written during an episode on the loo which adds a little more personalisation and excitement to the stories they tell. You can be sure that wherever you are, you can be sure to find a poem just for you!

Ode de Toilet - A book of pooey poems for pooey people

  • Author's Name :  Elijah Butt
    About the Author :  Creating poetry as a way to pass toilet-time pretty much sums up Elijah's approach to life. Always available with a witty comment or a reassuring word, he never fails to make the best out of a bad situation and is known for his carefree and relaxed attitude. He is an avid F1 fan with a childish obsession for Lightning McQueen and a serious man crush on Louis Theroux. In his spare time Elijah takes snacking very seriously, has a sizeable hoodie collection and enjoys watching sports of all kinds. An aspiring teacher, he can't wait to read out these poems in English lessons and have several adoring eyes gaze at him as does his baby brother, Seth. His siblings are his best friends in all the world and he has a few other friends and a girlfriend he cares about to a certain extent.
    Book ISBN :  9781005831929
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