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Description of the Book:

She intended to do what she was not supposed to.... Maybe her life clock has turned the anticlockwise direction, for mishappenings continue to stalk in the lone track thereby agonizing her constantly. How often do teenage amours perfect the art of loving? From the wounded soul, she has found her way, strong and worthy enough to survive amidst the uncertainties. But at some point, she dwells into the notions like waves in storms- bitter yet beautiful. The book 'Oceans of her notions' is a collection of poems refined in its fluency and uniformity that stretches from love to pain and longing to separation. Explore the story of this fierce girl who has sharpened her thoughts to strengthen her mind.

Oceans of her notions

  • Author Name: Janis Vincent
    About the Author: Janis Vincent who goes by the pen name JanVi is an Indian poet and author of the new poetry series 'Oceans of her notions'. Born in Kerala(2002) she in an aspiring writer and is currently pursuing a degree in Commerce.


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