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Description of the Book:


A nineteen-year-old girl attempts to reconstruct the last three years of her life in verse: friends and family, romance (or a lack thereof), favourite bands, daily broodings and more.
Now go and read the poems; they are much more interesting.


SKU: 9789358316773
  • Author's Name: Jiayin Wang
    About the Author: Jiayin Wang is a multilingual writer of poems and more. Born and raised in China, she is currently undertaking an Honours degree in Comparative Literature in England and has written multiple prize-winning German short stories. Or, to sound more interesting: she lives on Anna Akhmatova and Philip Larkin and nibbles on gummies when neither is around. She is an effervescent daydreamer with a longing for the sea despite having thalassophobia. She strives to complete the ultimate challenge: to describe life as it is.
    Book ISBN: 9789358316773
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