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Description of the Book:


‘O Kanha’ is a collection of sonnets of Kanha, for Kanha! This book is a collection that sings of His grace, His mercies and His unspoken omniscient guidance. This book reiterates that when Kanha extends His hand towards you; grab it tightly without a second thought! Faith is tested in times of trials and darkness; this book glorifies His presence throughout all the phases of life. A heartrending work of worship, this book proclaims that Kanha can shift you from waiting for it to cherishing it. It is pain that usually draws us close to the God we believe in. It is the beauty of those dark clouds that gradually manifests into the silver of life! ‘O Kanha’ speaks of such transforming and manifesting moments.

O Kanha! (Sonnets of Him, for Him)

SKU: 9789360940553
  • Author's Name: Leena Kadam

    About the Author: Born and raised in Mumbai, Leena Kadam (M.A. English Literature, B.Ed.) is a learner by passion and an educator by profession. After working for 6 years in the banking sector, Leena chose to embrace her passion for teaching. Currently, she is a successful High School Educator, teaching English since over a decade. In her field of education, Leena has presented papers on the modern pedagogies of comprehending English Literature abiding by the Experiential Learning mapped with NEP 2020. Leena has co-authored several books of poem however, her first solo book of poems titled ‘…of Love, Life and Living’ was published by in February 2024 by BookLeaf Publishing. This book received the 21st Century Emily Dickinson Award. A content writer, editor and a poet, Leena is a member of the India Authors Academy. Writing has always been Leena’s appetite as she loves to dive into the reflective philosophy of life. As a humanitarian, Leena has been the Senior Editor at ‘The Saved Pearl Foundation’; an NGO founded and operated by Arlene Theknath that helps women in crisis pregnancies and rescues the underprivileged new born.
    Book ISBN: 9789360940553
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