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Nuances' is an anthology of poetic musings, written by Ms. Kanupriya Mohan. It is a captivating collection of poetic verses that delves into the intricacies of human emotions and experiences. This book of poetry beautifully captures the subtle shades and delicate complexities of life, offering the readers a profound and thought-provoking journey through its pages. Each poem within 'Nuances' is meticulously crafted, using vivid imagery and lyrical language to evoke a myriad of emotions and paint a vivid picture in the reader's mind. With its profound insights and eloquent expressions, 'Nuances' is a literary masterpiece that invites readers to explore the depths of their own souls and embrace the beauty of the written word. It is an insight into the poet's mind, heart and soul and her keen observations of the world around her. With each turn of the page, the reader is transported into a world of vivid imagery and thought-provoking ideas. The poems in Nuances explore a variety of themes, including love, loss, identity, and the passage of time. Each poem is a reflection of the human experience, making readers feel understood and connected. The beauty of this book lies in its ability to capture the small details and intricacies of life that often go unnoticed. Apart from the living souls, the author brings the inanimate objects to life and personifies them as per her intensely vibrant imagination which allows the readers to relate to the imagery and symbolism used in different contexts- to the point that they can't help but read in between the lines. Nuances is deemed to sweep you off your feet into the depths of your heart.
Nuances is a book that demands to be savored and revisited, its layers of meaning and nuance revealing themselves with each reading. The poems are both introspective and universal, that speak to the heart of what it means to be human, reminding us of the beauty and fragility of life-a reminder that life is not black and white, but a tapestry of shades and hues that come together to create a beautiful and intricate whole. In a world that often feels overwhelming and chaotic, Nuances offers a space for reflection, contemplation, and introspection, allowing readers to slow down and savor the richness of each moment. It gives a gentle reminder to appreciate the subtle nuances of life that are all too easily overlooked. If you are someone who enjoys the beauty of language and the power of words, "Nuances: A Book of Poetic musings" is a must-read. It's a treasure trove of emotions and experiences, waiting to be explored. So, why not pick up a copy and let the verses transport you to a world of wonder and reflection? Get ready to be inspired and moved by the magic that these poems hold.

Nuances-A book of poetic musings

SKU: 9789360944087
  • Author's Name: Kanupriya Mohan

    About the Author: Kanupriya Mohan, popularly known as 'KP', is an ardent educator and a psychologist. A literary aficionado, she has an enthralling knack for poetry. She is an International TEFL mentor certified from West Vancouver, Canada. She received 'The International Tagore Award for Literature’, 'The Gema Trophy for creativity in writing', 'Tvesha Tenacious Trophy in appreciation of her visionary service to society via education', along with other accolades to her name. She consecutively ranked in the Top Ten percentile worldwide in the International Teachers' Olympiad-2022 and 2023,among educators from 72 countries. She has also secured State Rank 1 and All India Rank 76 in the Star National Teachers’ Olympiad 2023. Being an academic enthusiast, she pursued higher education in Spanish, English,Psychology,Business Administration and other educational certifications. She has a flair for co-curricular activities ranging from arts, music, dance to theatre and has won multiple laurels for the
    Book ISBN: 9789360944087
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