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Description of the Book:

The pandemic has affected all of us in more ways than what we could have envisioned. The scenario was something no one from our generation had ever witnessed. With the advancement and digitization in every imaginable sphere, it was hard to believe that a virus could bring everything to a standstill, that too overnight.  Shock aside, this time has also given us a lot of time to introspect. Taught many new lessons. To be humble, patient and not indulge in mindless consumerism. This book you hold in your hands is also a product of the pandemic. It is a medium through which i have tried to express and vent out a lot of thoughts,  emotions, longings and at times frustrations.  Experts say that corona induced quarantine has changed the way we look back at the time gone by. This book is a collection of all those ponderings. The poems were written simply by closing my eyes, and penning the first emotion or memory that popped up. They are written with utmost honesty and have a raw, rustic appeal. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Nostalgia in the Pandemic

  • Author Name: Sneha Bhat
    About the Author: Sneha is an IT professional who has been dabbling her hands at writing ever since she can remember. Most of her writings are scribbled away in the back pages of old notebooks and others can be found on her blog "Rendezvous" on blogspot. When she is not working or writing, she can be spotted with her nose deep inside a book. Apart from being an avid reader, she loves to cook, eat and indulge in some Netflix and chill.


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