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Description of the Book:


Every book on poetry needs to be a compelling mix of magic and charm.
It's got to make its readers put their feet up and dive headlong to savour the experience.
Can a first time author write poetry that is compelling enough?
This professional with expertise in retina surgery weaves magic in poetry just as expertly.
He writes poetry that will tempt its readers.
This book is filled with emotions of myriad hues. It is an expression of desire and nostalgia, love and romance, with shades of sadness. Emotions which resonate as much with all of us. Through the poems, the reader will come to face his own angst, her own love for nature, his own nostalgia for the past and her own frailty. It will please you as well as make you sad. It will exhilarate you like a bunch of fragrant flowers.
Do experience this nosegay.

Nosegay (love, nostalgia, poetry)

SKU: 9789363314962
  • Author's Name: Lalit Aalok

    About the Author: Lalit Aalok started writing poetry during medical college. Most of his work has been shaped significantly by love for nature, romance, parenthood and nostalgia of the past. He finds joy in poetic expression and writing poetry has been that everlasting thrill and solace for him. He has stayed in Dehradun and Puducherry and currently resides in New Delhi.
    Book ISBN: 9789363314962
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