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Description of the Book:


'Nightmares And Awakenings' is an anthology of 20 poems featuring two sides of a coin. The book has been divided into two parts. Part One : The Nightmares, in which you lose hope, get used to failures, feel empty, numb and think all the ways to your destination are closed. Part Two : The Awakenings, in which you realize. You take in, that failure doesn't mean end. You get over your past and make your own way to your destination. From being empty to full of hope. From being at a low point to flying high. From numb to being truly alive. This book is a journey you must start.

Nightmares And Awakenings

  • Author Name: Prapti Mohale
    About the Author: “Head in the books, mind among the stars” A teenager who prefers the company of books over people. A wannabe swimmer who finds comfort in reading, painting, cooking and stargazing. Always beaches over mountains, books over movies, fiction over nonfiction. On an endless journey with metaphors, rhymes, imageries, books and literature.


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