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What kind of life are we living? A nation with a rich and diverse cultural heritage laced with endowments in human and materials resources and the largest black nation in the world but one that remains perpetually in the shadows of her great potentials and the dreams of her political forefathers.
Is it possible for the people of Nigeria to live together without fear or hatred? Can every Nigerian see him or herself more as being Nigerian, rather than from a particular tribe? Will being Christian or Muslim remain the religion that it is, or will it continue to be a defining factor of Nigerian citizenship?
These are questions begging answers and which this book, 'Nigeria Without Restrictions' tackles.
In it, Abdullahi Umar, an environmental justice advocate and student of the world, does an in-depth exposition of the history of Nigeria, the origin of her troubles and practical ways to bring about lasting unity in her.
Riding on his experiences as a frontline activist for student welfarism and frequent journeys into the heart of Nigeria, he shares salient truths on the intricacies that make Nigeria the unique nation she is and how her people can groom this uniqueness into what will make her a pride of nations.
Embedded within this masterpiece are the solutions to the problems of corruption and disunity in Nigeria.
Flip the pages to find them.

Nigeria Without Restrictions

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