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Description of the Book:


Human beings are all controlled by a higher power, an entity, a force, which they cannot see and sometimes unfelt but noticed. Each one of us has his own share of defeat, dejection, triumph, victory, pain, suffering and many other things which make him aware of this higher power and the fact that he blames or praises this force for where he is at the moment. Nevrospastos - The Puppet, is a collection of thoughts inspired by such events in everyday situations and offers an insight to motivate a person to hope for the better and work for the best.

Nevrospastos ( The Puppet )

SKU: 9789360947279
  • Author's Name: Sameer S Nilatkar

    About the Author: Sameer S Nilatkar is a published author of a collection of Poetry titled - Culturekurry. He is a Hotelier by profession and has interests in Travel, Photography and Bikes. An avid biker himself, when he isn't writing, he is either biking upcountry or curating recipes in Kitchens across India. He regularly blogs on Food & Travel on his blog - The author can be reached on: Instagram - @culturekurry Facebook- Sameer S Nilatkar Twitter - @Culturekurry
    Book ISBN: 9789360947279
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