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Description of the Book:


Each one of us is 'safaring'! We all are on this curious quest called life. This book is a careful compilation of a mix of moods that I experienced on my unique journey so far. It is an experiment where I tried to provide a secure space for my otherwise untamed and intangible thoughts. The poems churned out as a byproduct of my compassionate intensity, with which I hope to receive answers under various circumstances. This book is about my perspective, ideas, and outlooks that have taken concrete shape over a period of time.

How to read this book?

One might feel a sudden disconnect sometimes while moving from one page to another. It is natural because each poem appeals to a different depth of emotional intellect. So, for a better understanding of each poetic piece, apply 'one page at a time' methodology. To resonate well with the content, suppose that no actuality is an establishment. Basic sentiment of each piece is provided for reader's reference to set the mood and pick tone of the poem.
Hope you will enjoy these handpicked soulful expressions parked in one gallery called 'Nazariya'.


SKU: 9789363313682
  • Author's Name: GARIMA MALHAN

    About the Author: Hailing from a humble background, Garima believes that sincere hardworking has no alternatives and bears sweet fruits. Her write-ups are mere reflection of her firm opinions and deep emotions. She was raised in a progressive and loving environment owing to which she is able to resonate sensitively with temperament of heterogeneous personas. Her poems being woven delicately into this book was a far fetched dream coming to life. Her endeavour to publish her maiden was fuelled by sole idea of reaching out to masses to build a compelling thrust on readers to be outright vocal about their thoughts,stance and sentiments.
    Book ISBN: 9789363313682
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