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Nature Within and Nature Without is a collection of poems relating to the world just outside our doorstep, and the inner world in our minds. Covering topics such as the seasons, the moon, anxieties and escapism, this collection of poems reminds us to pause and be aware. Whether that is aware of our own feelings, or the world around us.

Nature Within and Nature Without

SKU: 9789357441896
  • Author's Name: N J King
    About the Author: Natasha grew up in the Essex countryside in the early 90s. Being your traditional bookworm, she spent her summers camping down the bottom of the garden just so she could get away with staying up to read a few more chapters. It didn't take long for Natasha's love of books to turn her from reader into writer, writing her first book 'The Christmas Tree Kitten' aged 8. Natasha has since released books 'Daughters of the Jade Isle' and 'The Philosopher'. While writing fiction she has also found an enjoyment in poetry. Her experiences, interest in the relationships people forge and frequent rambles through the Essex countryside led to the creation of this collection. More about Natasha and her other works can be found at

    Book ISBN: 9789357441896

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