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Modern man has been largely swept by the digital world, and he is on the brink of becoming robotic in his life. Being enslaved by this monstrous medium, he has become alienated from his emotional well-being and from appreciating nature and other living things in his environs.

The sad part is that while this condition has now become the way of the world, it is never too late to reverse it. Turning towards nature and spending some quality time to connect de-stresses from the digital ennui. This book is replete with plenty of nature poems to refresh the readers minds and beat boredom.

Nature poetry: An Amazing Healer

SKU: 9789358735475
  • Author's Name: Meenakshi Subramanian

    About the Author: Meenakshi Subramanian is an independent researcher working on research articles for publication. She holds a doctorate in English literature from the esteemed Reva University, Bangalore. In addition to this, she has practised teaching English in different capacities in schools, pre-university, and degree colleges for a period of over eleven years. She also has a teachers' training degree to her credit. As a classroom teacher, the author has taught poems to students with zeal. Her passion for poetry and keen interest in nature led her to embark on the journey of plunging into poetry writing and unleashing her poetic skills. The author has explored different themes other than nature. Her other interests are reading, singing, yoga practice, working on crossword puzzles, and, of course, cooking new dishes.
    Book ISBN: 9789358735475
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