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Description of the Book :


There are times we cannot put our mind to a calm state. We seek for answers, some generalization is required. The generalization or answers sometimes lie right in front of us. Sometimes answers could be found by observing a tiny insect or some tiny detail. The book is a poetry collection of such observations of the author. Sometimes the general observation of nature and sometimes nature of man..

Nature - It is not necessary thousand questions will have thousand answers

  • Author's Name :  Sabina Begum
    About the Author :  Author Sabina Begum is someone who is constantly trying to understand human actions. She tries seeing both sides of a coin. She believes in giving a positive word, positive smile to people. It doesn't means, she doesn't have her own ups and downs. Her thoughts sometimes running fast makes her feel slow. However she believes in most situation, a person could feel better with a polite smile and polite word. Having written her first book "Pages of Hope" this book is the second in her collection.
    Book ISBN :  9781005425432
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