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Description of the Book :


‘Narrative Letters’ takes honest, personal, peaceful anecdotes and pillow thoughts to cover a wide range of topics such as mental health, individuality, and the ebb and flow of relationships. Halwa takes the unsaid words in her life from a messy mind onto paper in this short compilation, going though the motions of fear, love, hope, and calm, to aid in working through her own life happenings, in hopes it will resonate will at least one other healing soul.

Narrative Letters

  • Author Name : Kennedy Halwa
    About the Author : kennedy halwa is a lover of words, best friend to all calico cats, spoon ring maker and fettuccini alfredo connoisseur. originally from a small lake town in alberta, she is soon to be island bound to victoria, bc, in pursuit of a bachelor of arts degree at the university of victoria and a fresh start. halwa has been writing since early middle school and has since collected far too many unfinished notebooks. her writing has since evolved from six-word-stories and minimalist drafts to flowy, reminiscent prose and honest, personal anecdotes covering a variety of subjects. she hopes to travel plenty in her future and find love and happiness wherever life takes her. all pieces written unapologetically and picked with love for the reader.
    Book ISBN : 9781005744106


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