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Description of the Book:

The naked me, Vulnerable yet beautiful, Longing for love, Lost in a daze, Afraid to speak yet, Frightened to be silent. Telling the classic tale, Clad in magic of my world!

Naked soul


    Author's Name: Aarthi

    About the Author: 
    In the picturesque river island, Srirangam, Aarthi was born and brought up. As a person who has always had an eye for anything beautiful and sublime, Aarthi grew up reading books which brought her closer to her own truth(s), truths of life and of the universe. More than anything, she loves being around people, so much so you could see her discussing (with a spark in her eyes) about life's most deepest philosophies with people from different walks of life. Aarthi, little happy girl, an attractive woman, who utters that flaws are the uniqueness, invariably laughs at everything, which are poems to unsuspecting ears. She personifies the saying, 'both the worlds exist together', she finds beauty in everything and also somehow comes up with dark poems out of the same. She might be a princess from a fairy tale, but is familiar with the dark forests and dangerous witches!


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