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Description of the Book:


The book is a series of poems that explore themes including the basic nature of existence, personal and spiritual transformation, and societal observations. The collection navigates through the intricacies of human emotions, technological dependencies, and the impact of cultural and moral decay. Through vivid imagery and nuanced storytelling, each poem invites introspection on individual experiences and broader existential questions, encouraging a reflective engagement with the world. The poet reflects on the transient and often elusive nature of life, urging readers to seek deeper spiritual and personal fulfillment beyond superficial societal norms. Through the exploration of natural cycles and human interactions, the poems highlight the urgency of genuine connection and introspection. The collection also critiques modern technology's impact on human relationships, emphasizing the need for balance between digital engagement and real-world experiences. Additionally, the poet calls for awareness and action against societal injustices, suggesting that change begins with individual consciousness. Overall, the poems serve as a poignant reminder of the interplay between personal identity and broader existential themes.

Mystic Regime

SKU: 9789360946760
  • Author's Name: Harikrishna Gopalakrishnan

    About the Author: An officially stamped document calls me Harikrishna Gopalakrishnan but I am seldom called so. I go by the name Hari. Even though my origin is from the extreme south and godly patch of Kerala in India, I call the city of Nizams my hoe. Not sure whether it's my love for Biryani and the tikkas but Hyderabad is home. When not working, I am usually learning something new and most of it is about fixing something or the other at home fondly called "Jugads". It will be a blatant lie if I say that I write regularly but occasionally when the words flow, it's a moment I cherish. My passion for writing is an inheritance from my dad who I call "Ache". While I am sure that he is looking over us from his heavenly abode. I owe my writing interests to him. It's a wish to bring out his works and I believe that it will be out soon. My blog "MUSINGS OF A SETTLER" on blogger is an unfiltered musing of a simple soul, me a dreamer, Buddy to my bud, K to my loving M and friend to a lovely lady who calls me son.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946760
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