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Description of the Book:


Mystic Meanderings is collection of poems which celebrates my love of sci fi/fantasy and my fascination for the brave new digital world in which we live.

Mystic Meanderings

SKU: 9789360943233
  • Author's Name: Philippa Drake

    About the Author: My name is Philippa Drake and I have been writing poetry since I was eight years old. I was known in my family as 'The Scribe' as I was always composing verse on the back of cardboard and compiling small booklets called Family Favourites. I was diagnosed autistic at the age of forty which has enriched my love of sci fi/ fantasy and mystical worlds. I have self published 10 poetry books using the Google Photobooks format combined with Photoshop to showcase my passion for digital art which adds an extra pinch of pizazz to my poems. I am also in the process of editing my eleventh book The Vortex Of Life.
    Book ISBN: 9789360943233
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