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Description of the Book :


Inside of pages of the book are experiences of self and reflections from the world that explains life as a combination of ups and downs, fighting through the darkness, trying to see the light, to hold on to the almost invisible string of hope, breaking through traumas and taking faith steps one step at a time.


  • Author's Name : Gracia Kanth
    About the Author : Gracia Kanth, was an Assistant Professor of English, born and brought up in small small town deep down south of Tamil Nadu hosting sunrises in beaches and sunsets in the chyrstal waters of salt pans. Always fascinated by lights and love, she believes, love not only makes the world go round, but also makes the ride worthwhile. She shares her home with a cat named Camille and is ready to mother a pup anytime soon!
    Book ISBN : 9781005333676
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