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Memories are what we own and memories are what can give us company. With different paces in our lives, we experience different life situations and react to it. Be it good or bad, we are what our choices of actions leads us to be. As we go on a journey of life, what we take along are the memories that lasts us forever. With human mind full of varied thoughts and never go empty, we can enjoy our own company or shun it. What matters is the kind of thoughts we have in our mind. But, whether good or bad, they are our own and we are the writers of our own minds and directors of our thoughts. So, myriads of thoughts usually come to our minds, either to gather memories that are long forgotten, or to remember the person we thought we have lost, or to plan ahead for our future. Sometimes, it is a challenge to forget bad memories, but with time, it carries away the bitterness we feel inside and make way for the much-needed healing that we all deserve.


SKU: 9789363310797
  • Author's Name: Venecia Sangma

    About the Author: Ms. Venecia N Sangma lives in Tura, Meghalaya, in the North Eastern Region of India. She loves the nature and loves to travel to see new places and meet different people. She loved writing small lines for birthday or Christmas wishes until her University days where the poem she wrote received recognition. She is the member of Poets Unite Worldwide with Dr. Fabrizio Frosini, an Italian Writer as the compiler and where she has published number of poems and two short stories among the poets of the world, for which she is grateful as it gave her the platform to start on her own.
    Book ISBN: 9789363310797
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