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Description of the Book:

Discussing themes of love, loss, healing and inspirations, ‘Myriad of verses’ finds a way to connect to every reader.
‘Myriad of verses’ is a collection of poems all about making peace with loss, accepting the absence, finding the positive aspects and moving on.

Myriad of verses.

  • Author Name: Shekhar singh
    About the Author: A peace loving graduated joyous traveler, writer, reader and poet from Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh is what you will feel about Shekhar when you meet first; who has a keen enthusiast to pursue his passion in writing. A definite believer of 'paper has more patience than people' and goes by the proverb 'the pen is mighter than the sword'. Crazy adoration for animals, football, guitar and music will surprise you with bunch of higher aims.
    Book ISBN: 9787977045005


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