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Description of the Book:


The poems written in “My Words, My Soul” are both free verse and fulfilling rhyme schemes. The prime inspiration has been the greatest romantic poets of the literary world including William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, William Shakespeare, Robert Browning, and Pablo Neruda. Having read their greatest literary works instilled in my heart a love for poetry and the written word. These poets have also inspired my words and writing style to a large extent. Some of the poems in the book follow the ABAB rhyme scheme, which was popularized by Shakespearean sonnets. They have been written in four sets of quartets, meaning four stanzas of four lines each. However, the rhyming is sometimes denoted in the way the piece can be sung. For instance, the poem "Escaping the Maze" indefinitely follows the ABAB rhyme scheme. However, if you notice closely, in the first stanza itself, the first line and the third line doesn’t truly rhyme: The touch of your face, Is the craving of my day. The touch of your neck, Is the only thing I await. In these kinds of pieces, the beginning of the line rhymes well. “The touch” rhymes in this poem. However, most of the poems are compiled as free verse and a few of them are a combination of couplets and quartets, wherein the entire poem is written in couplets but the last stanza would end in a quartet. An example of such a poem is "I Think of You". The compilation is a mix of poetry styles and I am no pro at writing poetries yet. So, these pieces that you are about to read here are my heart’s calling more than well-thought-out poetries. I sincerely hope that these pieces of poems will be received as such.

My Words, My Soul

  • Author Name: Priyanka Kaushik

    About the Author: Priyanka Kaushik is a writer and poetess of "My Words, My Soul". An avid reader by heart and a writer by passion, she takes pleasure in simple things in life. Reading her favorite book with multiple cups of tea would make her heart swell. She feeds on knowledge and loves brushing up her skills by grabbing as much information as possible. She lives in Delhi with her family and works as a Content Lead in a brand.


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