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Description of the Book :


This book is a selection of poems that provide a personal insight into one woman’s experience with losing a child, struggling with her mental health whilst never losing sight of the faith that sustains her.

My Words

  • Author Name : Katy Shubotham
    About the Author : I live in London with my husband, 3 girls, Oz the dog, Dumble the cat and Steve the bearded dragon. I had a childhood dream that one day I would write a book. The fact you are reading this means that my childhood dream is now a reality. Losing a child is an experience that changed me forever and I live each day knowing that there is a possibility of my mental health struggles returning. The only reason I am still standings is because of the faith I have in God and everyday I thank him for getting me throughout the tough days.
    Book ISBN : 9781005572532


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