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I have been inspired by a fairly wide spectrum of poets, from Emily Dickinson to Charles Bukowski. From Maya Angelo to Rumi, every poet who has ever talked to me has not just left me in awe but also left me sufficiently agitated, enough for me to either pick up the brush or the pen. Here's a theme-less collection that is inspired by nature, life, death and everything in between! Hope you enjoy these musings and hope it agitates something in you, enough for you to pick up your instrument of creativity too!

My Thought Stock

SKU: 9789360949518
  • Author's Name: Prerna Tiku

    About the Author: By day, I navigate the worlds of marketing and business. As the sun sets (or during those strange hours of the night when I lie awake), I occasionally find my poetic wings and explore the realm of words, with reams of thoughts flowing. During these moments, I'm often surrounded by two curious cats, who sit as quiet witnesses to my creative mess.
    Book ISBN: 9789360949518
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