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Description of the Book:


A compilation of poems about the daily thoguhts of a 29 year old Argentinian living in London. Expect: flat-hunting, musicals, getting ready for Christmas, work frustration, winter appreciation, food obsession and more.

My thoguhts

SKU: 9789358315349
  • Author's Name: Magdalena Palantzoglou
    About the Author: Argentinian born; Greek, Italian and Hungarian brought up. There was an artistic background, even though I didn't realise until later on. Lots of music being played: mainly Greek, food being cooked (yes I consider food a kind of art), and visit to museums were regular. Writing started like almost every girl with a notebook with a little lock, which contained my most precious thoughts about boys. When I started my "9 months adventure" back in 2018 my friends gave me a notebook and that was the beginning of my mindful writing. I like writing about my day, my frustrations, my happy moments, my worries, my thoguhts, about everything and nothing.
    Book ISBN: 9789358315349
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