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Description of the Book:

This book is a collection of 21 poems based on my life and the experiences related to it. It encompasses various themes right from my outlook as an individual, my approach towards relationships both existing and emerging, the lifechanging and challenging motherhood, the people around, the transitioning environment, and last but not the least the journey of life and facets revolving around it.

My Story My Words

  • Author Name: Pooja Shah
    About the Author: MBA by qualification and profession, writer and poet by forever undying passion. I love to give words to my thoughts, feelings and experience. I am an ardent writer and blessed with a creative mind. It gives me immense pleasure to translate my thoughts, be it sudden or gradual, into poetries, short stories with an emotional and motivational edge for the readers. Being a relentlessly caring mother of a mischievous child who always keeps me on my toes, I naturally have a heart warming flare for writing on motherhood topics.
    Book ISBN: 9788555060403


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