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Description of the book

Like many raw emotions caged in my heart, a few poems carrying forward those emotions are caged in this book. A soulful journey, it will be, if you tread through the pages of My Serenity in disguise. Emotions do not need to be explained, they flow freely. It depends on you, how you see it, feel it or experience it. You would feel the real beauty of the book if you read between the lines and dare to imagine your deepest and darkest desires.

My Serenity in Disguise

  • Amrita Mohanty
    Amrita Mohanty is a believer, fighter and someone for whom sky is the limit (or not). After trying het luck in writing blogs and online short stories; she was finally ready to publish her own poem collection with Book Leaf Publishing. She is a new face but has innumerable stories to tell through her writings. She loves life and has an eye for the extremes in the world. Belonging to the town of Bhadrak (a town in Odisha) & currently living in Cuttack; she is quiet ambitious & wishes to experience life from varied perspectives. She is someone who loves to experience life and has learnt her lessons in the hardest way possible.


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