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Description of the Book:


Life is all about celebrating people and cherishing happy fleeting moments. The poet as a teenager was fascinated about love and she explored the different dimensions of love through her poetry which is beautifully conveyed through this book. In this, book she also writes about her experience in love as a lover, daughter, sister and mother using enchanting emotions and by coining appropriate words. Down the years she started experimenting varied themes like nuances of human nature and its impact on her life. She staunchly believes in positivity and all her poems in this book infuses her belief. This book also contains various themes like nature, painting and special occasions and moments spent with her daughters. Her writing style is expressive and right from her heart.

My Reflections and My Verses

  • Author's Name: Andal Chitturi
    About the Author: Andal Chitturi is a wife and mother of two kids. She is straight forward and believes in honesty which reflects in her writing. She loves reading and it has given her a wide range of exposure in composing her poems. She has always been passionate about penning down her thoughts and ideas in an expressive way. She loves spending time with her kids and enjoys music as it feeds her soul. Finally her dream came true in the form of compiling her first book which is very close to her heart.
    Book ISBN: 9781005840532


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