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Description of the book


"My Poetic Snowflakes" is a compilation of some of the best pieces by the poet. The book takes you on a journey through various feelings, concepts, ideologies and fantasies. It is an interesting blend of several genres of poems combined for one to cherish.

My Poetic Snowflakes

  • Author Name: Dhruvi Chauhan
    About the Author: Dhruvi Chauhan has been raised in the city of dreams - Mumbai. Back in fifth grade, the mandatory summer vacation homework aroused her interest in reading. Soon she composed first of her poems and started recording them in her journal. This is the first time the work from her journal will be published for the outside world to read. This book lands you amidst her best compositions with varied emotions, concepts, and ideologies - My Poetic Snowflakes
    Book ISBN: 9781005585631


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