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Description of the Book :


Words and stuff tossed with thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they rhyme. Sometimes not. Shakespeare wrote and revised 154 sonnets over the course of 15 years. Most of them are about a guy. They are lauded as masterpieces and still touch people's hearts and minds today. Here are 20 poems I wrote in 20 days. Some of them are about a guy and a woman too. They may not all be masterpieces but I hope they resonate with you.

My Personality is Trauma (and other clichés)

  • Author's Name :  Raven Ladao
    About the Author :  Raven was born on the island of Oahu and it’s where she calls home. Born into a family of artists, Raven has always felt the need to create. A writer and an artist, her 3 children are the greatest things she’s ever created. Raven currently lives in New Hampshire in the middle of nowhere with her spouse, children, two dogs, three cats and a rabbit.
    Book ISBN :  9781005925970
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