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Description of the Book:

My musings to leaf through is a collection of poems penned by Lakshmi Chandana as a part of may musings challenge.
The poetess has penned down poems in various themes in such a way that you can explicitly feel empowered and subtly enjoy the power of words.

My Musings to Leaf Through

  • Author Name: Lakshmi Chandana O
    About the Author: Lakshmi Chandana is born and brought up in Ariyallur, Malappuram district, Kerala. She is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree from Miranda House, University of Delhi. She is the elder daughter of Leena Tharol and Baburaj Odukkathil. Lakshmi Gayathri is her younger sister. The author is passionate about writing poetry and has been featured in various anthologies. Apart from writing, She is a trained classical dancer,Orator and debater. she loves acting, reading books and reciting poems.People call her free-spirited and firebrand.


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