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Description of the Book :


My Muse Is A Night Owl is a 20 in 20 series that resurrected old roads and reexamined relationships, a rekindling of my romance with words, and mostly they are evidence of self. My Self.


My Muse Is A Night Owl

  • Author Name : Marissa Isch
    About the Author :  Marissa Isch is a mother, teacher, and writer living in Denver Colorado. When she was fresh out of college she had the drive and time, so she published dozens of poems & short stories in literary journals, wrote & directed three one-act philosophical comedies for Off-Broadway, and even co-founded Brooklyn REPUBLIC--an art & charity collective. Then her “mother” and “teacher” titles overtook “writer” for nearly a decade. Marissa began writing again in 2020 and has since published short stories in The Dillydoun Review and Twenty Bellows. She was awarded an Author Fellowship in 2021 from Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing. Marissa is currently staying up late, writing various flash fiction stories, plays, poems, and her second novel manuscript.
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