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Description of the Book:

We are bound with so many emotions and thoughts. You might be going through different feelings at a certain point in life. This is the book where those feelings are put to words. The book has expressed feelings, happiness, sadness, depression, etc. with different scenarios. The poems inside this book are meant to relate to your feelings and/or heal them.

My Multi-"Verses"

  • Author Name: Drasti Chauhan
    About the Author: I'm Drasti Chauhan, a Creative Nerd. I have recently gained an interest in writing. A book is a place where you live your dream, and writing is something that gives your thoughts a shape. I'm just trying to live my dream by giving my thoughts a shape. I'm an Accountant by Profession. Writing and Art is my home; where I can be me, where I can come back to and relax.
    Book ISBN: 9783539238663


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