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Description of the Book:


My Lyrical Chaos is a collection of thoughts that depicts the poet's state of mind through her life journey. It is the voice of the madness in one's soul that feels liberated when it touches the paper through their words.

My Lyrical Chaos

  • Author's Name: Ankita Chobey
    About the Author: Born and raised in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, Ankita lives in Pune for more than a decade. Having an engineering degree, Ankita started her career in IT and had a five year stint with TCS, post which she moved to content and journalism and led teams in Mumbai Mirror (TOI), HappyAging (Now Eldr) and other companies. With 13+ years of work-experience, Ankita currently handles Corporate Communications at Bajaj Allianz Life. Writing being her first love, Ankita first started playing with words in school, and soon her-back-of-the-notebook classroom poetry turned into narratives and tales she wanted to share with the world through her life experiences and observations. There's a long way to go, she believes and is enhancing her writing skills everyday by immersing into the world of poetry, shayaris, ghazals, nazms and other forms of lyrical writings.


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