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Description of the Book:


The book will be a weird collection of weird thoughts of a girl who is still figuring out the real meaning of life.With her writings ,she has tried her best to find and express what life to her is more like.The poems will be relatable to very small fraction of people as she thinks the remaining larger fraction of people have already either figured out the real meaning of it or are not concerned about it.The poems are not written for the purpose of being liked .The sole purpose behind writing this is to express what she feels ,through her words.

My inner monologues

SKU: 9789360943646
  • Author's Name: Mansi Arora

    About the Author: Mansi Arora belongs to a small town of Uttar Pradesh .She is a banker in alternate universe.She enjoys life being an INTJ.And lives her life freely and authentically .The idea of bookleaf publishing fascinated her and motivated her to write for her atleast once.She never thought of writing in the first place. Mansi hopes that you will enjoy reading her first book .
    Book ISBN: 9789360943646
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