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Description of the Book:

The book is a gift to every dreamer, learner and positive minded humans. Entitled as "Ideas and Opinions "by Sampurna Nanda, it contains formulae necessary for bringing about transformation in one's life if situational crisis, unpredictable mishaps or even traumatic experiences have stolen the requisites of peace, happiness and warmth of content in one's life encounter.Readers must first clearly see a thing in their minds before they can do it. We all have control over the pictures that occupy our minds. Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back and success inflow pauses thereby.

My Ideas and Opinions by Sampurna Nanda

  • Author Name:Sampurna Nanda 
    About the Author: Sampurna Nanda, is an English teacher working in the department of English at Dav Public School, cda sector 6, Cuttack, Odisha 753014. She is researcher from UtkalUniversity ,Odisha. She is a woman activist, public speaker, Orator, and a charitable person whose compassion and generosity have been capturing a multitude of hearts. She has authored five solo books entitled My Expressions, My Reflections, My soulful thoughts, Create your pathways and I stoop to conquer and has also Co authored books namely Silence Speaks, Unforgettable pains of soul, Months to remember, words to live by and Firefly of darkness and has published a lot of articles in My goverment App, Banking Service chronicle series, Competition success review and many more She has achieved laurels and accolades in her academical aspects.She is an enigmatic inspiration for the new cult folks Her self quoted maxim :"Be a change maker, a trend setter and bring about transformation in one's life, set examples for others so that you could revolutionize the world through your motivational ventures and literatures' adventures. The entire world is being ruled by instructional dictation but Author, Sampurna Nanda, loves to frame practical rules in the roads ahead for those people who love to glow and flow in their journey of lives as we all have purposes behind our existence and do require peace, prosperity and contentment for continuation of that journey and be our own destiny makers.


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