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Description of the Book:


The humans expressions at its most vulnerable moments. Enjoy my Highs and lows with everything in between .This book gives the reader permission to feel, think, and heal. The imperfections of perfection.

My Hearts brain and my Minds wicked thoughts.

SKU: 9789358316049
  • Author's Name: Leeda Fitzpatrick

    About the Author: Born a child of seven. Standing as the sixth child, Leeda was born in Oakland, California raised in Sacramento, California by Sheila K Howse a loving mother of seven who’s strength, compassion, love, courage, and dedication jumpstarted Leedas self-confidence as a small child.Leeda has always had a passion for writing poems,musical lyrics, love letters as well as motivational speeches alongside the love of for art.
    Book ISBN: 9789358316049
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