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Description of the Book:

Dear reader, please do not be depressed by what you're reading here. I was going through an incredibly tough time when I wrote all of this. And I assure you that I'm okay now. Basically this book deals with how accepting reality is easier said than done. Maybe tomorrow might never have a shining sun. But who cares? We're in it to win it. All I'm saying is that everybody has dark phases in their lives but it's how we deal with them which is important. I suffered mine and I just wish it would never come back to haunt me again. But that is not upto me. It's the choices and decisions we make that make us truly the actual embodiment of our souls. And always remember, no matter how hard it is, someone'll always have your back :))

My Happily Never After

  • Author Name: Saumya Pareira
    About the Author:  Hello everyone, I am Saumya Pareira, currently pursuing mbbs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Despite my love affair with medicine, poetry has always been my passion and it'll stay that way as well. An ardent music, cricket and superheroes lover.
    Book ISBN: 9782899438157


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