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Description of the Book :


Written on 21 consecutive days, these poems reflect on subjects as varied as the majesty of The Ancient Forest, the simple joy of a cup of coffee, and the trauma inflicted by hetero-masculinity. The themes of tenderness, connection, and resistance that recur throughout are simply and elegantly wrought (partly as a result of being almost entirely accidental). Some capture simple moments and images, some draw on deep wells of complex feeling. They range in form, subject, and level of polish, but they all carry the unmistakably honesty of a gifted writer riding a wave of frantic creation.

My gentleness, cast violently aside - Miscellaneous poems

  • Author's Name :  Julian Legere
    About the Author :  Born and raised on unceded Coast Salish territory, and currently living on unceded Dënéndeh, Dakeł Keyoh (ᑕᗸᒡ ᗲᘏᑋ), and Lheidli T’enneh territory, Julian Legere is an emerging bi/queer writer, theatre practitioner, arts worker, and educator who has been making and facilitating performing and literary arts work for 6 years. He is currently most interested in themes of queerness, feminism, and radical compassion. He is also extremely invested in his relatively recent role as Cat Dad.
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