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Description of the Book:

Rightly or wrongly, we have become so diverse in our choice that it's almost impossible to cater to each and everyone. Especially when it's a literary piece as we don't like to invest our time in things which are not similar to our taste. So a crisp, hard hitting and comprehensive piece of literature can be like a breath of fresh air in these times. This book is a compilation of twenty short Hindustani and English poems, which are talking about various topics such as romance, fatherhood, money, politics, mental health and loss, to name a few.

My Experiments with Words/शब्दों की प्रयोगशाला

  • Author's Name: Revant Bhatia
    About the Author: After having graduated from a film school in Mumbai, Revant Bhatia has been working as an actor, dubbing artist and an independent short filmmaker. Making use of his training, he started making his own short films as a necessity to showcase his talent as an actor and in the process, fell in love with the tools of filmmaking as well. He wrote his own scripts with the sole objective of having a very crisp format of storytelling so that the audiences are completely invested in the story completely. He wrote a full-length script for a feature film, in order to pitch it to different producers but soon discovered that perhaps the narrative also works as a novella. After writing a short format novella, this seemed to be an interesting departure.
    Book ISBN: 9780463805398


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