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Description of the Book:

You go through a lot of emotions when you're heartbroken. I really hoped that I could tell you that this is a happy ending type of poetry or if it is going to make sense to everyone. I am sorry I cannot but what I can tell you is that the beautiful humans who do relate to any of these poems will know exactly what I am trying to convey. The poems are somewhat close to a diary or a collection of songs dear to me which I feel every heartbroken person goes through one way or the other. This is a story of someone whose heartbroken and the feelings and reasons that go along with it.

My Broken Heart

  • Author Name:  Nischay Bansal
    About the Author: Nish is a first time writer who prefers to make sure people in some sense or the other relate to his writings. The only priority being expressing emotions so that anyone who reads it can resonate with it.
    Book ISBN: 9781544958569


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