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Description of the Book:

We are all allowed to reshape and reform. Life exposes us to pathogens and mutagens that try to take control. This is the never-ending process of diversifying and maturing as we all, in our embryo, continue to flourish. The Universe holds us all in gestation, a womb of messy, strewn particles that duplicate and evolve. Exterior interference is the key to our evolution. Viral infections penetrate the heart, mind, and soul if we are not careful. This book is a compilation of writing to illustrate the antidote for how to get the gunk out; to ward off outside corruption and to create a salve for wounds. How does one recover from such an ordeal? What is the cure to help us rebuild? If you find yourself in chaos, embrace the entropy. Using poetic devices, the universal experience of existential turmoil is examined. A realm of recovery is salvaged through the lens of intimate contemplation and invocation of one’s unwavering essence. Evoking the collective and shared experience of internal resonance, healing wells are uncovered. Mutation explores fundamental elements to remind us of the immense wonder of that which we are from.

Mutation: My Evolution Encoded into Poetic Expression

  • Author's Name: Bridgette Scalisi
    About the Author: Bridgette Scalisi is a writer and activist. Their latest work, 'Mutation' is a parallel experience to their Oracle Card deck, 'Soul Diving and Divination' which is yet to be published. Previously, advocating at LGBTQIA+ events, they now dedicate their time to blog writing and filming for Disability awareness and Accessibility. Currently residing in Brisbane, Australia, they are working on multiple books and film projects. You can find them here:


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