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Description of the Book :


"Representing what tenderness means to the beholder
Perspective mutated by the personal lens
Of they who birthed this series of works

This collection of poems shows a personal journey through September 2021, be that love, reminiscing on the past, or inspiration struck by a strange ornament in a room during this time of lockdown. 

While seemingly disorganised, this collection represents my physical and mental progression through this month. Though the connections vary from obvious to obscure, relevance remains through the temporal significance they all share."

Mutant Musings on Tenderness

SKU: 9789357445313
  • Author's Name : Bianca Laycock
    About the Author : "Her clothes scream impulsive but her hair screams frosted tips. If you expect the unexpected then prepare to...not be surprised? Currently studying Design Computing and Psychological Sciences at the University of Sydney, Bianca is also a static trapeze artist, pole dancer, very amateur saxophone player, and even more amateur poet. She is a quirky, fun, and passionate creative who loves over-committing to activities but coming out on top in the end. Ask and you shall receive..."
    Book ISBN : 9798437490136
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