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Description of the Book:

“Loving lies, harsh truths, I need to learn to discern. I wade in murky waters, towards the sublime shore, survival.” – Surviving, Musings of the head and heart.
‘Musings of the head and heart’ is an eclectic collection of poems meant to provoke, to comfort, to confound, to mourn and to delight. These poems are meant to be a window in to the everyday struggles, triumphs and failures that mould so many of us into what we are. Be it the humour of “Newton was right” or the philosophy of “Why?”, the form poetry of “Fourteen Undone or free verse of “Leave”, the heartbreak of “Battered love” or the nourishing love of “A Mother’s Sonnet” – there’s a poem for every one and every emotion.
So, curl up with your hot cocoa and step in to a world of what-ifs, wonders and warmth.

Musings of the Head and Heart:A Mosaic of a Myriad Thoughts

  • Author Name:Sindhura Radhakrishnan
    About the Author:Sindhura Radhakrishnan is an engineer turned home-baker, poet and art teacher. After 10 years in the mobile communication industry she moved out of the corporate space to pursue the interests of her heart and has not looked back since. Poetry has been a creative outlet for her since she was a child and her poems have been published in magazines and as part of anthologies in collaboration with other poets around the world. She is happily married and is the proud mother of a beautiful teen daughter, almost teen chess whiz son and an indie dog that she believes was a cat in a previous birth! She lives in Bangalore with her family and is a successful home baker and children's art teacher. When not baking or painting her next mixed media experiment or reading or writing poetry, she enjoys a good laugh with friends and family, singing a joyful tune and reminding everyone around her, that no matter what "Life is beautiful".


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